Easy to Administer

Ease of use is important. It means not just fewer headaches but also fewer mistakes, fewer people required on staff, less overtime, and ultimately, lower costs. dnsfly‘s graphical user interface lets administrators choose from a drop-down rather than editing configuration and BIND data files. It doesn’t require LINUX knowledge to administer, it delivers ultra fast querying rates, and can be provisioned from the Cloud in minutes.

Available on Amazon AWS

dnsfly is available on Amazon AWS and can be deployed to EC2 or VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).
Fast Querying
Thanks to its ultra lean configuration and optimized software, dnsfly queries DNS at a rate of more than 15,000 IP addresses per second, allowing faster delivery of applications.
Detailed Logging
Detailed logging, allow you to see whether a query originated within your organization or externally.
Future-ready with Support for IPv6
dnsfly supports IPv6 with AAAA records, which return a 128-bit IPv6 address, and are used to map hostnames to a host IP address.
Manage DNS and DHCP in One Place
DNS and DHCP administration is brought together into one interface. This not only makes managing each core service easier, but also synchronizes address and host provisioning.
ACLs (Access Control Lists)
ACLs can be configured with dnsfly to provide granular control of your domain space.
Active Directory Compatible
dsnfly can be integrated with Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD).

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