Technical Support

Setup and Deployment

Deploying dnsfly is a straightforward process, and the product manuals available below walk through the setup. Following setup of dnsfly, an admin must create IP relationships such as zones and records within the dnsfly graphical user interface.

Each deployment of dnsfly includes one hour of email-based support. Email Additional Technical support is available on an hourly fee basis. To arrange for additional paid technical support, contact UX WORLD at

Outsourced Configuration Option

UX WORLD’s DNS/DHCP experts can manage the transition to dnsfly for our customers as a consulting engagement.  UX WORLD would transfer all zones and records–in other words all IP information, followed by testing and quality assurance review–for an “outsourced configuration” transition.  Contact UX WORLD for details and pricing.

Product Documentation

dsnfly Virtual Appliance for AWS – Initial Configuration Guide

dnsfly for AWS Version 4.2.0 Release Notes

dnsfly Virtual Appliance 4.2.0 User Guide

dnsfly for AWS Version 4.1.3 Release Notes

dnsfly Virtual Appliance User Guide (Earlier versions)

dnsfly extension for AWS Guide

Working with dnsfly API

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